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Why Patreon is Popular, and Why CustomerHub Could Be a Better Alternative

Kyle Leavitt

In the digital age, content creators are seeking innovative ways to monetize their work while maintaining a direct connection with their audience. Patreon, a well-known platform, has gained immense popularity for its unique approach to supporting creators. However, as the landscape of content creation evolves, alternatives like CustomerHub are emerging, offering creators distinct advantages that might make them reconsider their platform of choice. In this article, we'll explore the reasons why Patreon is popular and delve into how CustomerHub may provide a better alternative.

Why Patreon is Popular:

1. Direct Support for Creators

Patreon enables fans to provide direct financial support to their favorite creators, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Creators can establish a steady income stream, making it a popular choice among those looking for sustainable revenue.

2. Exclusive Content

Many creators offer exclusive content to their patrons as a way to reward their support. Early access, behind-the-scenes content, and personalized interactions foster a sense of community and engagement that fans love.

3. Personal Connection

Patreon facilitates a personal connection between creators and their patrons through comments, messages, and live chats. This interaction creates a loyal fan base and strengthens the bond between creators and supporters.

4. Customizable Membership Levels

Patreon's tiered system allows patrons to choose their level of support, making it accessible to a wide range of budgets. This flexibility caters to different fan bases and preferences.

5. Recurring Payments

The subscription-based model ensures creators receive a predictable income, reducing their reliance on advertising or one-time donations, making it a reliable option for many.

6. Diverse Range of Creators

Patreon boasts a diverse community of creators from various fields, catering to a wide array of interests. This diversity ensures that patrons can find and support creators aligned with their passions.

7. Creator Independence

Creators maintain creative independence on Patreon, avoiding the pressures of traditional media and advertisers. This allows them to produce content aligned with their personal vision.

8. Fees

Many users appreciate Patreon's payment structure for taking a percentage of creator earnings. This makes it extremely cost effective to begin on their platform because if the creator doesn’t make money, neither does Patreon.

Why CustomerHub Could Be a Better Alternative:

While Patreon has its merits, some content creators are exploring alternatives like CustomerHub for several compelling reasons.

1. Greater Control Over Membership & Customer Experience

CustomerHub allows creators to create their own membership websites, giving them full control over branding, content, and membership experience. This provides a vastly more customized and brand-aligned approach pulling away from the clunky end user experience with Patreon.

2. Elimination of Exorbitant Platform Fees

CustomerHub operates on a subscription pricing model without taking a percentage of creator earnings. Creators keep more of their revenue, which is especially attractive for those looking to maximize their income.

Let’s look at three realistic examples.

  • Creator A earns $4,500 per month. If Creator A is on the lowest tier of Patreon she will end up paying Patreon $225 per month. Creator A on CustomerHub will pay no more than $79 per month. 
  • Creator B earns $10,500 per month. On the lowest tier of Patreon he will pay $525 per month. On CustomerHub Creator B will pay no more than $79. 
  • Creator C earns $1,500 per month and pays Patreon at minimum $75 per month. Creator C on CustomerHub will pay no more than $79 per month.

It's important to note that Patreon acts as your platform and your payment processor.  When you factor in the merchant fees for payment processors like Stripe at 2.9% for credit card payments which are required for CustomerHub users, the savings still favor the creators who use CustomerHub with a 7% to 20%+ discount over Patreon.

3. Enhanced Analytics and Reporting

CustomerHub offers robust analytics and reporting tools, providing creators with valuable insights into their audience and content performance. This data-driven approach helps creators refine their strategies.

In CustomerHub you can view, track, and create automation based on the actions of each of your users. That means if they watch a specific video, you can follow up with them, or if they download a PDF you can reach out to them.

4. Scalability

Creators can scale their membership websites on CustomerHub without facing additional fees or restrictions. This flexibility accommodates creators as they grow their fan base and content offerings.

5. Full Ownership of Customer Data

Unlike some other platforms, CustomerHub creators maintain ownership of their customer data, allowing them to build long-term relationships with their audience outside of the platform. 

This means that you have complete and total freedom to take care of your customers knowing that they don’t belong to CustomerHub, they belong to the Creator.

6. Integrated Marketing Tools

CustomerHub offers integrated marketing features like email marketing and sales funnels, simplifying the process of reaching and engaging with subscribers. You can create anything you can dream up to take care of your community of users.

7. Comprehensive Customer Support

Creators using CustomerHub benefit from dedicated customer support to address technical issues and provide guidance on maximizing the platform's potential. In addition CustomerHub is continuously creating new features that provide you with better tools to earn a great recurring income that makes your users experience even better.


Patreon has undeniably revolutionized the way creators connect with their fans and monetize their content. However, the emergence of alternatives like CustomerHub offers content creators an array of advantages, from greater control and higher revenue retention to enhanced analytics and integrated marketing tools. Using CustomerHub you can do everything Patreon can do, do it better, and let go of the things Patreon isn't going to improve any time soon.

The choice between Patreon and CustomerHub ultimately depends on a creator's specific goals and needs, but exploring these alternatives can open new doors for sustainable and profitable content creation.

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