One platform. No hassles.

CustomerHub provides everything you need to manage, sell, and deliver your online content, all in one place. No technical mumbo-jumbo. No hassles.

Best-in-class Keap / Infusionsoft integration

CustomerHub was built as a Keap and Infusionsoft integration from the ground up so the heavy lifting is already done for you. Automate your end-to-end membership process:

  • Generate new member logins/passwords

  • Control access to membership pages or content

  • Drip content on a timed schedule or based on actions taken

  • Run Infusionsoft campaigns based on member engagement

  • Let members update their profile, billing info, and subscriptions

  • Collect payments for outstanding invoices

Automatic content delivery

Deliver content on a pre-determined time schedule or when specific actions are taken, ensuring members get content right when they need it.

Unlimited multimedia streaming & storage

Upload your media directly to CustomerHub and let us take care of the rest, including automatic HD encoding, mobile optimization, unlimited streaming, and more. Experience multimedia without limitations.

Mobile-responsive everything

CustomerHub automatically optimizes your membership site theme and content to look great on any device. Maximize member engagement with an experience that's accessible and beautiful from the office, at home, or on the road.

Bi-directional file sharing

CustomerHub makes it easy to share files with customers including automatic email notifications, and keeps a record of all of the files right on the customer record for maximum time savings and organization.

Professionally designed themes & templates

CustomerHub provides a library of beautiful themes and page templates so you can hit the ground running, leverage known best practices, and create a membership site that's both beautiful and effective.


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Built-in customer account portal

CustomerHub offers a unique and powerful customer account portal that's ready to go on day one. Allow your members and other customers to view their profile, update billing information, manage subscriptions, make payments and more. Save time and satisfy customers.

Detailed feature list

Member Management

Member login / forgot password page

Member registration page

Member profile page

Member file box

1:1 member file sharing

Member password update


Unlimited membership levels

Tag or subscription-based permissions

Protect pages, partials, file downloads and more

Content teasers

Control permissions from Infusionsoft

Content Management

Site / membership preview

Member & Infusionsoft merge fields

Upload videos, audio, images, and file downloads

Unlimited multimedia streaming

Easy WYSIWYG content editor

Themes & Design

Mobile-ready themes & content

Easy theme edit / preview / switch

Personalize your brand

Beautiful page templates

Full CSS access / customization

Install custom javascript


Best-in-class Infusionsoft integration

Auto-login functionality

Automatic content delivery

Automation links

One-click upsells

Automatic password generation

Time-based content drip

Admin & Integrations

Create multiple admin logins

Built-in customer account portal

Facebook comments integration

Google Analytics support

Google Fonts support

Tender Support integration

Frequently Asked Questions


What is CustomerHub?

CustomerHub is simple-to-use cloud-based software that makes it fast and easy to build a password-protected membership site, online course, or customer account login. CustomerHub requires a Keap or Infusionsoft by Keap account.

What types of companies use CustomerHub?

CustomerHub is built for all small businesses that use Keap or Infusionsoft by Keap. Authors, speakers, content publishers, and other subject matter experts use CustomerHub to manage, sell, and deliver online content. Training companies use CustomerHub to deliver simple online courses. Accountants, attorneys, mortgage professionals, photographers, and other service businesses use CustomerHub to share files with customers. If you have content to share or want to offer a customer account portal, CustomerHub can help you do it—quickly and easily.

How can I use CustomerHub in my business?

There are many different ways Keap & Infusionsoft by Keap users utilize CustomerHub to grow their businesses, including:

  • Membership sites - charge customers for ongoing access to premium content

  • Online courses - sell and deliver online courses on a one-off basis

  • Customer account portal - offer a self-service option for customers to manage their accounts online

  • Digital product delivery - sell and deliver digital products/downloads on a one-off basis

  • Customer center - offer a value-added resource to improve your customer experience and increase retention 

  • Lead conversion portal - provide free content that converts leads into premium clients

  • Employee training center - provide a central training resource for your distributed employee workforce

  • Partner resource center - share content with select partners or affiliates to strategically grow your business

How much does CustomerHub cost? Am I required to buy services?

CustomerHub starts at $49/month after a free 30-day trial. This includes unlimited hosting, multimedia storage & streaming, and everything else you need. There are no required service packages, however customers that need additional help can work with one of our certified partners.

Can I drip content to subscribers over time?

Yes. Together, Infusionsoft and CustomerHub make it easy to automate the delivery of content to subscribers on a time-based or a self-paced schedule. CustomerHub manages the content pages, and Infusionsoft manages subscriber permissions and the content delivery schedule.

Can I customize my CustomerHub site to match my website?

Yes. Using easy design tools, CustomerHub allows you to customize your membership site to match your brand. CustomerHub also provides full access to CSS code so that advanced users can fully customize whatever they want.

How do I integrate CustomerHub with my Infusionsoft account?

After you start your free trial CustomerHub will ask you to authorize your Infusionsoft connection by entering your login credentials. Once this simple process has been completed CustomerHub takes care of the rest. 

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Jennifer Hough

"CustomerHub gives us a professional membership site without all the technical hassles. It's saves us significant time and is easy enough for non-techies. We love CustomerHub!"

Doug Masi

"CustomerHub is dynamic and easy to use. It helps us manage everything from sharing student grades and school announcements to ordering school lunches."

Geoff Affleck

"CustomerHub ensures each of our 6,000 members only see what they paid for. CustomerHub is pivotal in every aspect of our content delivery and customer service."

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