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Take control with a private customer feed

You don't have to build a massive audience or rely on secret algorithms to make money online. Take control with a private feed you can monetize on day one.

  • Target and notify specific customer segments
  • Capture comments and likes to increase engagement
  • Add links so viewers can easily take action
Feed screenshot

Easily create memberships, online courses, and more

Use our built-in best practice templates to create professional memberships, online courses, and other digital products that are beautiful and effective.

  • Hit the ground running with best practice templates
  • Deliver products individually or in bundles
  • Drip your content on a pre-scheduled basis
  • Display user progress, time tracking, and more
Product templates screenshot

Showcase your products and make selling effortless

Automatically display your products in a smart library that personalizes content for each user and makes it easy to deliver and sell your stuff.

  • Show your library to all web visitors or keep it private
  • Display, hide, or tease products based on user permissions
  • Sell products via a Stripe payment link or external url
  • Allow users to search by key word or category
Library screenshot

See every interaction and make better decisions

Get a bird-eye view of engagement or drill down into the details to see specific product interactions or user activities. Know everything you need to know.

  • Get pre-built dashboard summary reports
  • View and filter activities by product, type, or user
  • Set a custom user engagement status timeframe
Activities screenshot

Automate your workflow and keep things running smooth

Save loads of time by letting CustomerHub do the hard stuff and take automation to the next level by utilizing one of our pre-built app connectors.

  • Automatically notify users about relevant activities
  • Trigger automations and sync data in connected apps
  • Hands-free password management and security
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Get all the help you need to succeed and grow

Get fast and friendly help from our all-star customer success team, a robust online help center, or work with a certified partner for your advanced needs.

  • Unlimited customer support
  • Over 30+ certified partners
  • Robust online help center
  • Getting started course and other training resources
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Stuff that makes your life easy

Running an online course or membership site business is cool, but spending all of your time trying to make it work is not so cool.
automatic website creation
Automatic site creation
Your secure website is created automatically. Simply direct traffic to the login page and you're done.
launch wizard
Launch wizard
Start fast with a launch wizard that takes you from first login to launching your course or membership in a jiffy.
product templates
Product templates
Get best practices in a box with pre-designed product templates for online courses, memberships, and more.
product bundles
Bundles & memberships
Create product bundles and memberships that allow you to deliver multiple products together effortlessly.
visual builder
Visual page builder
Create pages that look stunning on every device with a visual page builder that delivers ease-of-use and flexibility.
unlimited multimedia
Unlimited multimedia
Upload unlimited multimedia including video, audio, images, downloads, and more. No extra fees or hassles.
product teaser
Upsell teasers
Automatically tease available products in your product library so users can see (and buy more of) what you offer.
user management
User management
Manage end users including granting or revoking access, updating info, resetting passwords, and more.
unlimited admins
Unlimited admins
Invite all of your team members including assistants, web designers, certified partners, and more. Have a party.
admin dashboard
Admin dashboard
View key stats and glean insights to increase user engagement and grow your knowledge business.
app connectors
App connectors
Connect directly with Keap, ActiveCampaign, or Zapier to fully automate your workflow.
app toggle
App toggle
Effortlessly access multiple apps via a single admin login. Golden for serial entrepreneurs and partners alike.

Stuff that helps you be a pro

We built the secret sauce in so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to deliver a world-class course or membership experience.
beautiful themes
Beautiful themes
Plug-and-play with a pre-built theme to start fast and customize to your heart's content if you're the geeky type.
brand center
Brand center
Upload your logo, specify colors, and choose from hundreds of available fonts so your brand gets first-class treatment.
mobile responsive
Mobile responsive
Get a fully responsive site that's seamless for users to consume on their phone, tablet, or any other mobile device.
product library
Product library
Offer a dynamic and searchable digital product library so users can easily browse, purchase, and access all of your stuff.
video streaming
Video streaming
Wow your customers with hi-def video streaming, picture-in-picture, and accelerated playback features.
progress tracking
Progress tracking
Built-in progress tracking makes it easy for users to pick up where they left off so they can move forward with ease.
activity stream
Activity engine
Monitor and respond to every important user action thanks to the activity stream and powerful automation triggers.
drip content
Drip content
Release content on a pre-determined time schedule to keep users engaged and coming back for more.
custom domains
One-click access links
Send secure email links that allow your users to bypass the login page and go straight to the goods.
full code access
Full code access
Edit page layouts, media components, and anything else you want with full code access. 100% geek approved.
custom products
Custom products
Build custom products for unique use cases that fall outside the proverbial box. Dream it up and build it.
custom domains
Custom domains
Use a custom domain with your user site for that extra touch.
Coming soon

Stuff that keeps you running smooth

We've got the technical stuff handled. So how bout you forget about it and get back to running your business?
done-for-you hosting
Secure hosting
Rest easy with secure and unlimited hosting that you and your customers can count on 24/7/365.
snappy performance
Snappy performance
Deliver a light, snappy experience that keeps customers engaged and coming back for more.
Unlimited scalability
Start with a platform that helps you launch fast and grow your digital business without limitations.
military-grade security
Maintenance & upgrades
Get the latest server upgrades, security patches, new features, and more without ever lifting a finger.
standalone application
Standalone architecture
Take your digital products with you wherever you go with an architecture that works with any technology stack.
transactional emails
Transactional emails
Ensure that your important transactional emails are bypassing spam folders and landing directly in the inbox.
online help center
Online help center
Browse our help center full of training videos, how-to articles, and other helpful resources to get your questions answered.
unlimited chat support
Responsive chat support
Get fast and friendly help from an expert whenever you hit a roadblock or need an extra hand.
certified partners
Certified partners
Work with one of our superhero certified partners for ongoing strategy, design, and implementation services.

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