Product Updates

Review all new CustomerHub features, enhancements, and maintenance updates.

June 12, 2024

Content Accessibility Improvements

Get ready to enhance your content accessibility with CustomerHub's latest updates, designed to streamline your user experience and boost engagement.

Email notification enhancements

We’ve upgraded our email notifications to enhance your content accessibility.

  • Post notification update - post email notifications now display the full post contents including title, thumbnail, message, and links
  • Auto-login improvement - Link click expiration extended from 1 to 5 for all email notification types, offering more access flexibility
Download multimedia
new feature

Admin users can now effortlessly download any media added to the CustomerHub media library, streamlining content management.

Connector updates and bug fixes

Enhancements and fixes to improve your experience:

  • [Stripe connector] Fixed bugs to ensure one-time purchases and user additions work seamlessly
  • [Keap connector] Added error messaging for better API limit management
  • [ActiveCampaign connector] Refined setup instructions for clarity
  • Fixed activity tracking for button and file download components
  • Enhanced product visibility controls in the library when involving collecions
  • General improvements for stability, security, and performance

April 11, 2024

Dominate Your Revenue Game

Ready to skyrocket your revenue? Arm yourself with CustomerHub's game-changing update, packed with cutting-edge features designed to supercharge your digital business growth.

Sales pages
new feature

Take charge of your sales process like a true boss by hosting your sales pages directly on CustomerHub. Showcase your offers and seamlessly integrate the purchase experience to send conversions through the stratosphere. [more info]

Stripe connector
new feature

Introducing our re-built and reimagined Stripe Connector, your gateway to a seamless purchase experience and and fully automated end-to-end customer journey. Accept global payments, capture recurring revenue, automate financial processes and more with the undisputed king of global online payments fully in your corner. [more info]

  • Product Sync - Automate access to CustomerHub products by linking them with your Stripe offerings, streamlining the user experience and boosting efficiency.
  • Checkout (optional) - Enable a beautiful checkout experience that seamlessly guides buyers through the purchase process in just a few clicks.
  • Customer Portal (optional) - Empower your users with easy access to the Stripe customer portal, putting control of subscriptions and billing in their hands and reducing your internal overhead.
  • Activity Tracking - Gain invaluable insights into every Stripe-related activity, from purchases to subscription changes, all conveniently displayed in the Activities feed.
Smart confirmation pages

Elevate the post-purchase experience with a smart confirmation page that automatically detects user status and serves up a tailored thank you page that guides logged-in users straight to their purchased product and directs new users to an email access link. [more info]

Product reorganization

Navigate your digital products with ease via the redesigned Product page. With dedicated tabs for Info, Content, Comments, and Settings, managing your digital products has never been smoother. [more info]

Public product access
new feature

Expand your reach and attract new customers effortlessly with public access to your digital products. No login required—just pure accessibility and growth. [more info]

General maintenance
  • Connector data improvements to improve reliability
  • Updated product fonts to reflect latest CustomerHub brand updates
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

November 24, 2023

Unleash Collaborative Power

Foster engagement, gather insights, and build a stronger community with comments across your entire suite of products and a streamlined comments interface.

Comments on products
new feature

Now you can enable comments on all product types within your CustomerHub site, promoting seamless interaction, more feedback, and a stronger sense of community across your entire suite of products. more info

  • Enhanced the comments engine to streamline and improve handling and reactivity for both admins and users
  • Changed the 'reply' icon for replies to differentiate them from standard comments (admin & user)
  • Enhanced general admin comment design including adding reference icons, user hyperlinks, page/post references, and more
  • Added replies to the default comment view so a user will no longer need to click to expand and see replies (user)
  • Removed beta label for comments
General maintenance
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing replies from displaying correctly on posts (admin only)
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing Stipe payment links from applying the appropriate product permissions
  • Fixed an bug that was preventing pages included in sections from correctly displaying in collections search results
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing rows and content blocks from being re-ordered in the page editor
  • Fixed an bug that was causing certain page components in the page editor to be automatically set to a max width of 300px when attempting to set a custom width

September 13, 2023

Communicate Like a Pro

Communicate like a pro with announcements, comment moderation, additional email subscription management tools, and more...right at your fingertips.

new feature

Display targeted announcements throughout your CustomerHub site to welcome new users, showcase special offers, share important news, and more using the new 'feature this post' option on Posts. more info

Comment moderation

Added the ability for admin users to reply directly to comments while in the admin interface. more info

User email subscription improvements

Added the following capabilities to user email subscription management:

  • All transactional emails sent from CustomerHub now include a 'Click here to manage your notification preferences' link to make it easier for users to access and manage their preferences more info
  • Admin users can now manually manage individual user email subscription preferences while on the user record more info
Copy page link

A 'copy link' option for all posts, products, and pages in the admin interface. more info

Video player improvements

Our video player has been enhanced with the following improvements:

  • The custom video width option in the page builder has been updated to improve mobile responsiveness for all custom video widths
  • Portrait video playback is now supported for all videos recorded and uploaded in portrait mode
  • An issue has been resolved that prevented post videos from displaying correctly in full-screen mode while on the Feed
  • Upgraded to the latest multimedia encoders to ensure maximum performance and compatibility
General maintenance
  • Resolved an issue that was resulting in broken links for some pages in collections search results
  • Fixed an bug that was resulting in navigation issues for products that had been duplicated from another product
  • Enhanced PDF file downloads to have them automatically open in a new tab (vs download in the browser window)
  • Resolved an issue that was resulting in occasional and intermittent '502 - Bad gateway error" for end users browsing the site
  • Made it easier to edit blocks of text in the page builder without unintentionally 'de-selecting' the text component
  • Fixed a bug that was breaking the link for navigation pages when the page slug was modified after the page was set to live
  • Fixed a bug that was causing link content to temporarily display incorrectly when adding multiple links on a post

August 21, 2023

Summer 2023 Update

Take member engagement to new heights with the summer product update.

User notification center
new feature

Boost engagement in your site content with the all-new user notification center. The user notification center makes it easy for users to see when they have important notifications and allows them to easily view and manage then. This includes notifications about other users replying to their comments, when they have received access to new products, or when new posts have been added to their feed.more info

User email subscription management
new feature

Users can now manually manage their email subscription preferences including enabling or disabling email notifications for new posts, user replies, and product-specific new content.more info


Posts have been upgraded with the following enhancements:

  • Admins can now set and customize the thumbnail for post videos more info
  • Users will now be sent to a dedicated post page when navigating to a post via the new post notification email more info
Comments (beta)

Comments are now even better than before with enhancements designed to further increase engagement with your content. more info

  • Users can now like and reply to other comments in the feed (not just the main post)
  • Users will receive an email notification when their comment is replied to by another user
General maintenance
  • We made several enhancements to the Zapier connector with the goal of improving connectivity and overall stability
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a connector from properly connecting after an initial failure
  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from seeing certain menu items on mobile while using the Safari browser
  • Fixed an issue that prevented new users from receiving an email notification when creating their own account from the login page
  • Fixed an issue that prevented product categories from reflecting the correct order on the library page of the site
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in an error message appearing whenever a user was manually deleted in the system
  • Addressed an issue that prevented bolded text from appearing correctly in the end user site
  • Fixed an issue that caused navigation pages to open in a new window on initial user login when 'open in new tab' option is enabled
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the link for any page component to be changed once it had been set
  • Added a dialogue box to confirm the deletion of all multimedia items in the multimedia library or list page
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

March 21, 2023

Micro Content

Take your knowledge business to the next level with innovative new micro content features that capitalize on modern consumer behaviors and engage customers more powerfully than ever before!

new feature

Create social media-like posts that target specific customer segments and automatically generate a personalized feed for each user. More info

Comments (beta)
new feature

Collect and track user likes and comments (on posts only during beta) and centrally manage everything from the admin interface.More info

Foundation theme
new feature

The new 'Foundation' theme offers a vertical sidebar navigation, futuristic design elements, and a consolidated dropdown product menu designed to simplify the browsing experience and maximize focus on the page content. More info

Micro memberships
new feature

The new micro membership product template makes it possible to launch a membership super fast and without the need for pre-created content by offering a low-cost membership option and delivering content through a private member feed. More info

Group coaching
new feature

The new group coaching collection template makes it easy to create an archive to deliver recorded sessions to your group coaching clients. More info

General maintenance
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

February 8, 2023


This update includes fixes for a variety of known issues and bugs, plus a bonus feature that makes it easy notify users about new content.

New content product notifications
new feature

Easily inform users when new content is added to your products by sending product-specific notification emails with the click of a button.More info

Bug fixes
  • Resolved an issue that was causing certain logos to display with a white background when uploaded via the brand center
  • Resolved several issues that were causing admin users to be redirected to the incorrect url after exiting the page editor
  • Resolved an issue that created broken navigation links for certain products & standalone pages in the site navigation
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing pages from displaying correctly in the product navigation when inside sections
  • Resolved an issue that prevented product 'sections' from being deleted in certain cases
  • Resolved an issue that prevented certain administrators from accessing CustomerHub chat support widget
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in a page load error when clicking a email access links for 'collection' product types
  • Resolved an issue that caused user name to display as 'null' when no name is provided
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing navigation pages from being successfully duplicated
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing product access from displaying correctly to site visitors (i.e. not logged in as a user)
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing time tracking data from displaying correctly on product cards to users without access
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing activity triggers to work correctly with Zapier for certain products
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing 'product complete' activity type from being displayed correctly in the activity log
  • Resolved an issue that was causing multimedia uploads to get stuck in processing mode after manually cancelling an upload
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing videos from being deleted from the multimedia library
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing product links from working correctly while inside a collection
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing admin users from logging in after getting access to additional applications
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

December 21, 2022

Winter 2022 Update

Convert visitors into leads and leads into paying customers with public content, 'all users' product access, and our new Stripe connector. Getting started as a knowledge entrepreneur has never been faster or easier!

Public content
new feature

Allow web visitors to browse select pages from your CustomerHub site and create a user login with the new public content application setting. When enabled, CustomerHub makes the library and any general navigation pages available to public web visitors, enabling you to tease your digital products to capture more leads and sales.More info

'All users' product access
new feature

You can now create products that are accessible to all users without explicitly granting user permissions, enabling you to deliver 'free' content and, when combined with the new public content setting, to convert web visitors into leads (i.e. new users) without lifting a finger.More info

Stripe connector
new feature

Sell your digital products the easy way with our new Stripe connector. With the Stripe connector, you can connect to an existing or new Stripe application for a seamless and secure checkout experience directly from your CustomerHub product library.More info

Motivate theme

The following updates have been made to the support new features:

  • A login navigation option has been added to all pages when viewed by web visitors
  • A 'Create account' option displays on the login page layout when the public content app setting is enabled
  • A 'Purchase confirmation' page layout has been added to work with Stripe and future payment connectors
General maintenance
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the auto-login feature to work correctly in the product email invites for collections
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

October 26, 2022

Fall 2022 Update

Deliver next-level customer experiences with Collections, All-Access Pass, Challenges, Time Tracking, and much more!

new feature

Take your memberships and other bundled offerings to the next level with the addition of Collections. Collections put you in control of how and when your content is delivered by allowing you to combine products, sections, and pages into a singular ordered experience. Collections also provide a more intuitive end-user experience for bundled offerings including search functionality as well as progress, estimated time, and custom color indicators throughout the experience.More info

All-access pass
new feature

Managing all-access memberships and bundles is now a cinch with the All-access pascollections template. Simply select the 'All-access Pass' template after selecting the Collections product type when adding a new product to your library.More info

new feature

Easily implement 30, 60, and 90-day challenges with our new Challenge collections templates. Simply select the the corresponding challenge template after selecting the Collections product type when adding a new product to your library.More info

Time tracking
new feature

Set expectations appropriately and offer peace-of-mind to your customers with Time tracking. Time tracking can be enabled via the new 'Show Time Tracking' product option. When toggled on, time tracking indicators will display throughout the experience based on manually set 'estimated time' values for each included page.More info


We have made the following changes to all product types:

  • Products can now be included in multiple Collections (including Memberships and Bundles)
  • Products now include a 'Show card in the library' option that determines product card visibility in the library
  • The 'Pages' product tab has been renamed to 'Content' and will now display pages, sections, and products as applicable
  • The 'Add Product' flow has been updated to include the Collections product type and several new collections templates

Review these and other changes to product settings in this help article.

Motivate theme

The following improvements have been made to dramatically improve the user experience for the Motivate theme:

  • 'Collection Dashboard' and 'Collection Page' layouts have been added to deliver the new end-user experience for collections
  • Product cards include a new hover animation and are now clickable from anywhere on the card
  • Products will now display collection and estimated time indicators (if applicable)
  • The product menu has been redesigned to deliver a cleaner and lighter experience
  • Progress tracking indicators have been redesigned with a rounded bar and more prominent display thoughout the experience
  • Page spinners have been added to smooth out page transitions and loading
  • The main site navigation is now 'sticky' so it will remain at the top of the screen when scrolling down on pages
  • All collections badge will now display on products that are included in a collection
  • Alerts now display as animated pop-up toasts and immediately disappear after a few seconds
  • The user profile page has been improved for mobile device resolutions
  • General design enhancements for cards, buttons, and all other elements to include softer edges, various color changes, and more

Review these and other changes in this More info.

General maintenance
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

April 7, 2022

Usability Improvements

This update includes items to improve the page builder experience and make it easier for new users to access your content.

Page builder

The following items improve the page builder editing experience:

  • Added a checkbox option to buttons that allows you to specify whether the URL opens in a new tab or in the existing one
  • Re-organized the text editor toolbar options and made the toolbar 'sticky' (when scrolling down) to improve the editing experience
  • Added status indicators to the multimedia uploader so you can see where items are at in the process of being uploaded and encoded
Email notifications

The following improvements simplify and streamline the process getting new users access to their content in CustomerHub:

  • Added the ability to manually resend a new user invite email
  • Updated the language in both the new user invite and product access emails to be more generally applicable and clear
  • Updated the email logo default dimensions to ensure appropriate logo sizing in emails
  • Implemented a variety of measures to further improve email deliverability rates
General maintenance
  • Added validation messaging to the password creation process for end users so it's clear what the requirements are
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

February 21, 2022

Zapier Connector

This update includes our new Zapier connector and general maintenance.

Zapier connector
new feature

Experience virtually unlimited integration for your online courses, membership sites, and more with our new Zapier connector. More info

Download component

The page editor file component now allows for downloads of all file types (video, audio, etc) and has been renamed 'download'.

General maintenance
  • Fixed an issue preventing product card images from displaying on the user site in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue that prevented password creation email links from working correctly when when multiple new user invitations are sent
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

December 10, 2021

Maintenance Update

This update includes small enhancements and general maintenance items.

Keap connector

Enhanced Keap connector logic to reduce errors, improve stability, and ensure higher reliability and performance.


You can now rename product sections after they have been created. More info

Bug fixes & general maintenance
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing images, audio, and file components to not render correctly while in the page builder
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing changes to a product permalink from correctly updating for pages inside of sections
  • Added a check on product access email links to prompt new users to set their password if they haven't done so already
  • Fixed an issue that was causing auto-login email links to fail in instances where multiple access emails were sent
  • Fixed an issue that was causing video styles to break in cases where an apostrophe was in the video name
  • Updated video processing library to latest version to reduce upload, playback, and streaming issues
  • Updated the page builder button component to allow searching when the file link type is selected
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

September 30, 2021

ActiveCampaign Connector

This update includes our new ActiveCampaign connector, user access enhancements, and general maintenance.

ActiveCampaign connector
new feature

Now you can seamlessly sync your data, automate your end-to-end workflow, and track user engagement with ActiveCampaign.More info

User access

The following improvements make it significantly easier for your users to access your CustomerHub products and simplify the process of communicating with both new and existing user cohorts.More info

  • Added an application setting to turn off the generic 'account login instructions' email for new users if desired
  • Added product-specific access notification emails for both new and existing users, including an 'auto-login' link for existing users
  • Added a new product setting to disable product-specific access notification emails if desired
  • Added an email-specific logo to the branding center to improve branding and increase end user recognition
General maintenance
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

September 1, 2021

Simplify Content Creation

This update includes content duplication, page builder improvements, and general maintenance items.

Duplicate content
new feature

Save valuable time by easily duplicating your existing products, pages, page templates, and navigation links with a couple clicks. More info

Page builder
  • Added a visual editing option for top/right/bottom/left spacing (padding/margin) for all content blocks
  • Updated all content block spacing (padding/margin) defaults to better align with most common use cases
  • Fixed an issue preventing divider content blocks from displaying correctly in the page builder view
  • Various page builder UI enhancements to improve usability and design consistency
Bug fixes & general maintenance
  • Fixed a bug that was causing various issues when a media block (video, audio, or image) was added to the same page more than once
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the 'User Created' activity automation trigger from correctly posting to connected applications
  • Various other usability, design, and stability improvements

August 12, 2021

Monitor User Activity with Precision

This game-changing update includes powerful new features as well as some enhancements and general maintenance items.

Activity tracking
new feature

Get eagle-eye visibility into how your users are engaging with your site and content including detailed tracking and reporting on logins, videos watched, audios played, files downloaded, pages completed, products completed, and other key behaviors. More info

User engagement status
new feature

Automatically segment your users by engagement status (Active/Inactive) using a custom user engagement threshold. More info

Multimedia library
new feature

Easily search, filter, and manage all of your multimedia in one place. More info

Admin dashboard

Monitor critical data to help you increase user engagement and grow your knowledge business with our updated Admin dashboard.

Activity triggers (Keap connector)

Automatically send API posts to your Keap application when specified user activities occur so you can trigger advanced automation using API goals in Keap's campaign builder. More info

Motivate theme
  • Added new 'Header text' option to colors tab
  • Updated and improved the design of the product menu toggle button (mobile view only)
  • Removed 'Next' button in action bar once all pages have been completed by the user (only applies if progress tracking is 'on')
  • Made improvements to site title design to better accommodate long site names in mobile view
  • Fixed an issue preventing the addition of custom javascript in the Motivate theme
  • Fixed an issue that was causing CSS overrides to be removed in some cases after publishing the Motivate theme
Bug fixes & general maintenance
  • Updated the main Admin navigation; added "Multimedia Library" and moved "Navigation" to the Settings menu
  • Various other maintenance and stability improvements

June 27, 2021

Admin Dashboard

This update includes v1 of the new admin dashboard, our new getting started experience, and more.

Admin dashboard v1
new feature

Get a high-level overview of your CustomerHub app with a new admin dashboard that includes widgets for several key metrics. More info

User login tracking
new feature

Find out which users are accessing with your site with new login tracking on the admin dashboard, user list, and user record. More info

Getting started launch wizard
new feature

Launch your CustomerHub site faster and easier than ever with our all-new Getting Started widget to guide you every step of the way. More info

Usability improvements
  • We added 'Help me with this page' provide easier access to page-specific help articles and chat support
  • We tidied up the brand center including usability and visual design enhancements

May 28, 2021

Migration Tools

This update includes the ability to migrate multimedia files from CustomerHub Classic, user invite email improvements, and a handful of bug fixes.

Multimedia migration (Classic)
new feature

Classic CustomerHub users now have the ability to migrate all of their video, audio, images, and other multimedia files to the new platform. More info

User email notifications

We added support email field to the Application Settings and updated the email subject line and body text to increase end user consumption.

Bug fixes
  • Completed pages will no longer show a completed checkmark in the product menu after progress tracking is turned off (Motivate theme)
  • File download security was improved to more effectively prevent download links from being shared outside CustomerHub
  • Fixed an issue preventing page columns from displaying in the correct order in some cases

March 13, 2021

Motivate Theme Enhancements

This update includes small enhancements to the Motivate theme editing and end user experiences.

Fonts & Colors

Color and font tabs have been tidied up, and field descriptions were added so it's more clear how to edit specific theme elements.

Progress tracking

When progress tracking is enabled, the page completion bar is now 'sticky' (always present) so users always see actions while consuming content.

Bug fixes

Miscellaneous bug fixes and usability improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance.

March 4, 2021

New Platform Launch

This update concludes the free beta period for CustomerHub Next and adds several exciting new features, product enhancements, and a variety of maintenance.

Admin users
new feature

Invite team members and certified partners to your application with a few clicks so you can collaborate for even better results. Learn more

Custom page templates
new feature

Create and custom page layouts to achieve the perfect design and save valuable time as you build your digital products. Learn more

User merge fields
new feature

Engage your users more powerfully with personalized merge fields in your pages and content. Learn more

App toggle
new feature

Easily toggle between each of your CustomerHub instances to save valuable time while administering multiple applications.

new feature

Add sections to your courses and other lengthy products to condense the product menu and deliver a better user experience. Learn more

Page draft mode

Eliminate disruption to your users by composing your pages in draft mode until you've achieved the perfect design.

Paid version

With the conclusion of our free beta period, you can now add a payment method to continue using the software after your free trial.

Bug fixes

Miscellaneous bug fixes and usability improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance.

February 1, 2021

Maintenance Update

This update includes a variety of general fixes to improve overall usability and reliability.

Bug fixes
  • File download block title and description were not updating immediately
  • Keap connector was not correctly syncing basic user data (name and email)
  • User site pages were not were not loading correctly until during encoding of on-page videos
  • Button links were not working for users when linking to a product or external URL
  • Buttons were not displaying correct style in builder
  • Adding new pages to a product was causing page order to get mixed up in some cases

December 21, 2020

New Platform Beta Update

This update marks the beginning of the free beta period for the new platform, CustomerHub Next.

Customizable site navigation
new feature

Increase user engagement by presenting a custom site navigation tailored to each individual user. Learn more

Get started wizard

Get started with CustomerHub easier than ever with our fresh new get started page design. Learn more

Page builder

Implemented a variety of usability improvements to make the page builder more intuitive and performant. Learn more

Bug fixes

Miscellaneous bug fixes and usability improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance

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