Kyle Leavitt

CEO & Co-founder

Kyle is a membership site pioneer and the CEO & Co-founder of CustomerHub, a simple knowledge commerce platform that dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of launching and managing online courses, memberships, and other digital products. Kyle and his team have helped thousands of entrepreneurs increase their profits by selling their expertise online over the past 12 years.

Entrepreneur, family man, tech enthusiast, golf lover, Madden player, Russian speaker, ASU alum, and Arizona sports fan.

Blog Posts

Generate Recurring Revenue in 24 Hours or Less with the Micro Membership Model

The Micro Membership Model offers a simple and effective way to launch an online membership program that generates recurring revenue in 24 hours or less with zero upfront investment.

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Tackling Membership Churn with a Clear Success Path

Did you know that the average churn rate for membership businesses is around 7.5%? Creating a clear success path will help you fix that.

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Elevate Your Course or Membership With Powerful and Easy Engagement Tools

Learn about three new engagement tools that can elevate your course or membership site to new heights.

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Next Gen Preview: Connectors

Simplify your digital life with connectors in the new platform.

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Next Gen Preview: Automatic Content Delivery

Discover how you can automate content delivery for your users in CustomerHub Next.

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Next Gen Preview: Progress Tracking

Learn more about progress tracking in the new platform, CustomerHub Next.

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Next Gen Preview: Products

Get a deep dive on Products in our new platform; CustomerHub Next.

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Thinking of creating an online course? Get answers here

Get answers to five of the most common questions we get asked about online courses.

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What you need to know about the New CustomerHub

The all-new platform, CustomerHub Next, is finally...almost here! Read this article to get all the details you need to know.

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The “other” truth about membership sites...and why technology matters

The other day, I was browsing through membership site articles when I came across a blog post that grabbed my attention.

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The surprising indicators that a membership site is right for you

As we’ve faced a world-wide crisis, you’ve had to make some serious decisions about your business.

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