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Next Gen Preview: Products

Kyle Leavitt we are!

We have officially arrived at the at the place where we can share more about the inner workings of our all-new platform, CustomerHub Next. 🕺🎉💥

In our first post of this preview blog series, we'll be talking about a very foundational features of the new platform: Products.

Here is what we'll cover:

  • What is a Product?
  • What types of Products are available
  • Why Products are awesome

So let's get right into it, shall we?

What is a Product?

Simply stated, a Product in CustomerHub Next is an offering that can be consumed by your customers in a digital way. These types of products are sometimes referred to as 'digital products', so if you're familiar with the term feel free to use it interchangeably here.

In the new platform, Products consist of three main things: content, pages, and settings.

Content is what your customer consumes and may include text, images, video, audio, file downloads, and more.

A page is where your content resides and one of the ways in which your content can be organized (aka a 'web page').

And product settings allow you to customize the ways in which your Product is purchased, delivered, experienced by users, and more. This is where most of the magic happens.

What types of Products are available?

CustomerHub Next includes built-in product templates for the following types of digital experiences: mini course, online course, video training, video series, membership, product bundle, digital download, and audio program. You can also create custom products using a 'start from scratch' option that's available anytime you create a new Product.

Product templates in CustomerHub Next
Why Products are awesome

So...why are products awesome and how can they help you?

Actually, Products are awesome because they help you.

Products allow you to automatically organize your content, deliver a professional experience, sell more stuff, and leverage all of the powerful best practices you need to be successful. Said another way, we've baked all of the magical tricks into Products so that you can be a digital product magician without having to go to magic school.

Here are all the magical Product things that will be available when we release our beta product:

  • Product cards - display the title, description, cover image, and call to action in the product library and on product menus throughout the site
  • Product teasers - display a 'locked' product card and call to action for products that users don't have access to
  • Product categories - set up and manage categories that are used to organize and display your products
  • Product delivery options - immediate, self-paced, and time-delayed product delivery options can be selected to determine when product pages are available to users
  • Product menu - display product pages in a self-contained menu that allows users to navigate to different pages in a product
  • User progress tracking - allow users to mark pages as complete and dynamically display progress bar and percent completion indicators

The best thing about all of these magic tricks is how simple they are to implement.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the controls are clean and simple:

Product settings in CustomerHub Next

Product delivery is a dropdown, and the product menu and progress tracking are toggles. In other words, anyone can implement this stuff with the click of a few buttons!

In summary

Products are a new feature in CustomerHub Next, and their purpose is to make it easy for you to implement tactics, strategies, and best practices that will help you be more successful and deliver an amazing experience to your customers.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for another Next Gen Preview blog post next week!

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