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Elevate Your Online Membership with CustomerHub and Keap

Kyle Leavitt

In the competitive landscape of online memberships, establishing scalable membership systems is paramount. To thrive in this digital arena, organizations need efficient tools and strategies to attract, convert, retain, and engage members effectively.

The Powerful Combination of CustomerHub and Keap

Enter CustomerHub and Keap, a dynamic duo to elevate the way you manage your online membership. CustomerHub serves as the backbone of your membership site, offering a suite of features including a private member feed, digital product library, drip content delivery, customizable themes, and more.

Meanwhile, Keap provides robust CRM and marketing automation tools designed to streamline contact management, automate campaigns, and drive conversions. By integrating CustomerHub with Keap, you harness the combined power of these platforms to create a seamless and efficient membership marketing system.

Sync Data Seamlessly

One of the fundamental challenges in managing memberships lies in keeping user data synchronized across various platforms. CustomerHub's robust Keap connector ensures that this critical task is effortlessly handled. Through bi-directional data synchronization, CustomerHub and Keap work harmoniously to maintain accurate and up-to-date member information.

Automate Your Workflow

The integration between CustomerHub and Keap goes far beyond mere data synchronization. It empowers you to automate your entire workflow with precision and efficiency. CustomerHub automatically generates tags in Keap for each CustomerHub product, giving you unparalleled convenience and control over your membership management process.

Whether it's adding new members to the system, granting or revoking access to products, or initiating cancellation processes, the removal or application of these tags in either system provides for a seamless and automated execution of key membership processes, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Trigger Personalized Follow-Ups

Understanding user behavior and engaging members effectively are key components of a successful membership strategy. With CustomerHub's provision of API triggers for key user activities, coupled with Keap's robust automation capabilities you can craft personalized follow-up sequences tailored to individual members' actions.

Whether it's a welcome email for new sign-ups, a reminder for upcoming renewals, or a special offer based on past interactions, the integration between CustomerHub and Keap enables you to deliver timely and relevant communication that resonates with your audience, fostering deeper engagement and loyalty.


Elevating your online membership with CustomerHub and Keap is not just about streamlining operations; it's about unlocking the full potential of your membership program. By harnessing the power of marketing automation, you can attract, engage, and retain members more effectively, ultimately driving growth and maximizing the value of your membership community. Embrace automation, leverage data-driven insights, and watch your online membership soar to new heights of success.

You can learn more about CustomerHub's pre-built Keap connector here.

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