Everything you need to know about migrating to the new platform

Not sure what to do about CustomerHub Next? Get all the information you need here.

Start your migration in 3 easy steps

Follow the three steps below to determine if you should migrate and get the process started today.

Step 1

Find out if migration is right for you

Migration to the new platform is optional, and it's not for everyone. Take the short quiz below to get a clear recommendation from us about whether migration is right for you.

Step 2

Activate your app with a 60-day grace period

When you migrate from CustomerHub Classic to the new platform you qualify for a special 60-day billing grace period on your new application. This is designed to provide adequate time to avoid getting "double billed" while you migrate. However, you are not obligated to complete the migration process if you decide not to move forward for any reason. If you already have a CustomerHub Next app simply let us know so we can manually apply the grace period for you.

Activate my app

Step 3

Choose your migration format

Migrating to the new platform will require some work. Generally speaking, you should plan on about 90 minutes of work for each product you plan to migrate. You can choose to have us do this for you via one of our "Do it for me" service packages or do it on your own using our comprehensive migration guide. We also offer optional services to help you transfer your multimedia files and forward traffic from your Classic app to your Next app. Select an option below for more information.

"Do it for me" migration service packages

"Do it for me" offers four different all-inclusive service packages that provide the ultimate convenience and peace-of-mind for busy owners who want to get it done without worrying about all of the details.

5 products
20 pages
10 products
50 pages
20 products
100 pages
20+ products
100+ pages

All plans include: Kickoff strategy call, dedicated project manager, wrap-up training call, theme personalization, multimedia transfer, and domain forwarding.

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"Do it myself" migration instructions

"Do it myself" is designed for business owners who prefer to implement on their own or have the team resources available to complete the migration in house.

Click the button below to download our comprehensive DIY migration guide to get started today.

Download DIY guide
Optional migration add-ons

We also offer the following optional services designed to further assist you in the process of migrating from CustomerHub Classic to CustomerHub Next.

Multimedia transfer
+ $1 per video
Get all of your video, audio, images, and member files transferred from your Classic app to your Next app
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Domain forwarding
flat rate
Automatically route traffic from your Classic site URL (.net) to your new Next site URL (.com)
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Compare Classic vs Next

Use our easy comparison guide below to understand the difference between CustomerHub Classic & CustomerHub Next.
Core Features
Standalone Platform
Online Courses
Product Templates
Product Library
User Activity Tracking
Bi-directional Keap Integration
Additional Connectors (AC, Zapier, etc)
Customer Billing Portal
Mobile Responsive
Most themes
Advanced Features
Not needed
Modern Visual Builder
Progress Tracking
Automatic Content Delivery
Manual setup
Product Teasers
Manual setup
Checkout Pages
Coming soon
User Merge Fields
Theme Library
Advanced Theme Customization
Brand Center
Help Center
Getting Started Course
User Community
Coming soon
Certified Partners
Hosting & Web Technology
Automatic Website Creation
Web Hosting & Security
Multimedia Hosting & Streaming
Custom Domains
Coming soon

Migration FAQ

Get all of your questions answered about migrating to CustomerHub Next.

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