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Next Gen Preview: Progress Tracking

Kyle Leavitt
Howdy there!

And welcome to another Next Gen Preview post about the new platform, CustomerHub Next.

Today we'll be talking about one of the new features I'm most excited about: progress tracking!

And I guess to be fully accurate, progress tracking technically IS possible in the Classic version of CustomerHub. However, implementing it involved creating a series of 'partials' and 'action links' that would apply specific tags in Keap or Infusionsoft such that the aforementioned partials would display correctly to specific users at the right times and in the right places in the site.

Sound complicated? Yeah, it was. And not many people have been willing to go through all of that rigamarole to get it set it up right.

Enter the new progress tracking

Implementing progress tracking in CustomerHub Next is about 38,492% easier than it used to be (assuming my mad math skills have not failed me). Here is a screenshot of all of the controls you'll need to master in order to set up progress tracking in the new platform:

Yep, that's it.

Progress tracking in CustomerHub Next can be enabled via a single toggle button in a product's settings tab (for more on Products, check out last week's post here).

Once activated, everything that was very complex in the past and likely would have taken several hours to set up is now done immediately and automatically with the flip of one switch.

Here's what 'turns on' when that progress tracking setting is enabled:

  1. Complete button - a 'mark complete' button will be displayed at the bottom of each page in the given product (p.s. if you prefer thinking of a page as a lesson or module that's fine since these are just different types of pages in the new platform). Clicking this button will very simply mark a page as complete. Conversely, if a user clicks the button again afterwards it will toggle the page back to incomplete.
  2. Progress indicators - progress indicators will display on the product card (in the product library and/or wherever else the product card is added to other pages throughout the site) and in the product menu. These progress indicators include a progress bar, percent complete, and pages complete.

The design of all of these is controlled by your chosen theme and is fully customizable. For specific examples, check out screenshots from our standard 'Motivate' theme below:

Progress tracking complete button
Progress tracking indicators on the product card
Progress tracking indicators in the product menu
Benefits of progress tracking

The cool thing about progress tracking is that, aside from making you look good, it actually provides tangible benefits to you and your users.

Many studies have been done that clearly demonstrate the ways in which progress tracking is useful. Here are just a few of them:

  • Tracking progress increases likelihood of success in accomplishing your goal
  • Tracking progress increases focus and efficiency in completing a goal or series of tasks
  • Tracking progress increases accountability toward a goal or series of tasks
  • Tracking progress helps one feel a sense of accomplishment and stay motivated through the process of completing a series of tasks or working toward a goal

All of these benefits and more ultimately result in higher customer engagement with your products and content. And we know that more engagement from your customers leads to better retention, higher revenue, and ultimately more success for you.

So it's easy to see why taking advantage of progress tracking whenever it's applicable in your courses, memberships, and other digital products is a GREAT idea!

In summary

Progress tracking in CustomerHub Next is super easy to set up, makes you look pretty slick, and provides a ton of value to both you and your customers.

I can't wait for you to try it out!

We'll chat again next week with another installment in our Next Gen Preview blog series.

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p.p.s. be sure to reserve your CustomerHub Next app if you haven't already.

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