Kelley Tenny

Social Media Maven

Kelley is an expert in curriculum and instruction and a university professor who supports experts desiring to generate greater impact and revenue with online courses. Kelley has served hundreds of entrepreneurs, authors, leaders and coaches over the past 20 years by helping them transform their expertise into effective online courses for their communities.

In addition to contributing to the CustomerHub team, Kelley is also the Founder of

Blog Posts

Microlearning & The Benefits of Going Small

Less is more when it comes to your online courses. Learn how to implement microlearning principles to increase customer motivation and engagement.

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5 Tactics to Create a More Engaging Online Course

Content isn't the only thing to consider when launching your online course. Implement these 5 tactics to maximize course engagement.

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The #1 Mistake Made When Creating an Online Course

In order to maximize the success of your first online course you should avoid this fatal yet common mistake.

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