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Next Gen Preview: Connectors

Kyle Leavitt
Happy Days!

Here we are with another Next Gen Preview post about the exciting new platform, CustomerHub Next.

The topic of our conversation today: connectors! say?

Yes, connectors are the new rage. What they do is quite literally connect CustomerHub to the other apps you're using in order to sync your user data in a way that makes running your online business operation run silky smooth.

While they are not required (a change from our classic product which required an Infusionsoft or Keap integration), they are recommended if you want to save a bunch of time or prefer doing things the easy way.

The nuts and bolts

The first thing you need to know about connectors is--like most everything else in the new platform--they are very easy to set up and manage (the whole process of connecting to another app takes less than a minute).

The second thing you need to know is that each connector is unique in terms of how it works, what data it syncs, and what if any additional options are available.

As an example, here's a screenshot of the Keap connector:

As you can see above, the Keap connector does three primary things:

  1. Creates Keap tags for all CustomerHub products - CustomerHub creates a tag in Keap (under the 'CustomerHub' category) for every product in CustomerHub.
  2. Adds all existing CustomerHub users to Keap - CustomerHub adds any existing users to Keap. This means that if you were previously using CustomerHub as a standalone or with another app you won't have to manually port your user data over to Keap.
  3. Syncs user data and permissions with Keap contacts - CustomerHub links users with Keap contacts and keeps all their basic information and product permissions up-to-date and accurate.

All of this results in a powerful and seamless workflow between CustomerHub Next and Keap that automates all of the things so you can be super efficient and run your online business with confidence.

Furthermore, the Keap connector provides three advanced options:

  • Send API post to Keap when new users are created - CustomerHub will send an API post to Keap whenever a new user is created. This can be used in a variety of ways including both general and product-specific welcome campaigns.
  • Send API post to Keap when users log in - CustomerHub sends an API post to Keap whenever a user logs in. This can be useful for tracking general engagement, identifying highly engaged users, or proactively following up with disengaged users.
  • Send API post to Keap when users complete products - CustomerHub sends an API post to Keap whenever a user completes a product (i.e. all pages of that product have been marked as complete). This would allow you to congratulate or distribute rewards to users that are making progress in your programs or memberships among other things.

In the case of the Keap connector, all of these advanced options require you to set up an API goal in Keap in order to receive API posts from CustomerHub and initiate the actions you want to occur in Keap as a result.

Without going into more detail here, suffice it to say that the advanced connector options will allow you to interact in some very impressive and personalized ways with your users.

Connector data

After you have activated a given connector in CustomerHub you will see relevant connector data in various places in throughout the app. The example below shows what connector data would be displayed on a product (in this case Surfing 101) after the Infusionsoft by Keap connector is activated.

Again, the exact data you see and where you see it will depend on what connector you're using.

In summary

CustomerHub Next connectors are here to simplify your digital life. They turn your apps into best friends with CustomerHub so you can spend less of your time doing what you don't want to do and more of your time doing what you do want to do!

We like connectors, and we think you will too. 😁

That's all for now!

We'll be in touch soon with another installment in our Next Gen Preview blog series.

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