Product updates

An overview of all new CustomerHub features, enhancements, and maintenance updates.

September 30, 2021

ActiveCampaign connector + user access improvements

This update includes our new ActiveCampaign connector and general maintenance.

ActiveCampaign connector
new feature

Now you can seamlessly sync your data, automate your end-to-end workflow, and track user engagement with ActiveCampaign. More info

User access improvements

The following improvements make it significantly easier for your users to access your CustomerHub products and simplify the process of communicating with both new and existing user cohorts. More info

  • Added an application setting to turn off the generic 'account login instructions' email for new users if desired
  • Added product-specific access notification emails for both new and existing users, including an 'auto-login' link for existing users
  • Added a new product setting to disable product-specific access notification emails if desired
  • Added an email-specific logo to the branding center to improve branding and increase end user recognition
General maintenance
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance.

September 1, 2021

Duplicate content + page builder improvements

This update includes content duplication, page builder improvements, and general maintenance items.

Duplicate content
new feature

Save valuable time by easily duplicating your existing products, pages, page templates, and navigation links with a couple clicks. More info

Page builder improvements
  • Added a visual editing option for top/right/bottom/left spacing (padding/margin) for all content blocks
  • Updated all content block spacing (padding/margin) defaults to better align with most common use cases
  • Fixed an issue preventing divider content blocks from displaying correctly in the page builder view
  • Various page builder UI enhancements to improve usability and design consistency
General maintenance & bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that was causing various issues when a media block (video, audio, or image) was added to the same page more than once
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the 'User Created' activity automation trigger from correctly posting to connected applications
  • Various other usability, design, and stability improvements

August 12, 2021

Activity tracking + a whole lot more

This game-changing update includes powerful new features as well as some enhancements and general maintenance items.

Activity tracking
new feature

Get eagle-eye visibility into how your users are engaging with your site and content including detailed tracking and reporting on logins, videos watched, audios played, files downloaded, pages completed, products completed, and other key behaviors. More info

User engagement status
new feature

Automatically segment your users by engagement status (Active/Inactive) using a custom user engagement threshold. More info

Multimedia library
new feature

Easily search, filter, and manage all of your multimedia in one place. More info

Admin dashboard update

Monitor critical data to help you increase user engagement and grow your knowledge business with our updated Admin dashboard.

Activity automation (Keap connector)

Automatically send API posts to your Keap application when specified user activities occur so you can trigger advanced automation using API goals in Keap's campaign builder. More info

Motivate theme update
  • Added new 'Header text' option to colors tab
  • Updated and improved the design of the product menu toggle button (mobile view only)
  • Removed 'Next' button in action bar once all pages have been completed by the user (only applies if progress tracking is 'on')
  • Made improvements to site title design to better accommodate long site names in mobile view
  • Fixed an issue preventing the addition of custom javascript in the Motivate theme
  • Fixed an issue that was causing CSS overrides to be removed in some cases after publishing the Motivate theme
General improvements & bug fixes
  • Updated the main Admin navigation; added "Multimedia Library" and moved "Navigation" to the Settings menu
  • Various other maintenance and stability improvements

June 27, 2021

Dashboard + launch wizard

This update includes v1 of the new admin dashboard, our new getting started experience, and more.

Admin dashboard v1
new feature

Get a high-level overview of your CustomerHub app with a new admin dashboard that includes widgets for several key metrics. More info

User login tracking
new feature

Find out which users are accessing with your site with new login tracking on the admin dashboard, user list, and user record. More info

Getting started launch wizard
new feature

Launch your CustomerHub site faster and easier than ever with our all-new Getting Started widget to guide you every step of the way. More info

Usability improvements
  • We added 'Help me with this page' provide easier access to page-specific help articles and chat support
  • We tidied up the brand center including usability and visual design enhancements

May 28, 2021

Classic migration tool + bug fixes

This update includes the ability to migrate multimedia files from CustomerHub Classic, user invite email improvements, and a handful of bug fixes.

Multimedia migration (Classic)
new feature

Classic CustomerHub users now have the ability to migrate all of their video, audio, images, and other multimedia files to the new platform. More info

User email invite improvements

We added support email field to the Application Settings and updated the email subject line and body text to increase end user consumption.

Bug fixes
  • Completed pages will no longer show a completed checkmark in the product menu after progress tracking is turned off (Motivate theme)
  • File download security was improved to more effectively prevent download links from being shared outside CustomerHub
  • Fixed an issue preventing page columns from displaying in the correct order in some cases

March 13, 2021

Motivate theme improvements

This update includes small enhancements to the Motivate theme editing and end user experiences.

Easier theme editing

Color and font tabs have been tidied up, and field descriptions were added so it's more clear how to edit specific theme elements.

Sticky progress bar

When progress tracking is enabled, the page completion bar is now 'sticky' (always present) so users always see actions while consuming content.

Bug fixes

Miscellaneous bug fixes and usability improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance.

March 4, 2021

Lots of new features + end of free beta

This update concludes the free beta period for CustomerHub Next and adds several exciting new features, product enhancements, and a variety of maintenance .

Team collaboration
new feature

Invite team members and certified partners to your application with a few clicks so you can collaborate for even better results. Learn more

Custom page templates
new feature

Create and custom page layouts to achieve the perfect design and save valuable time as you build your digital products. Learn more

User merge fields
new feature

Engage your users more powerfully with personalized merge fields in your pages and content. Learn more

App toggle
new feature

Easily toggle between each of your CustomerHub instances to save valuable time while administering multiple applications.

Page draft mode

Eliminate disruption to your users by composing your pages in draft mode until you've achieved the perfect design.

Enhanced course organization

Add sections to your courses and other lengthy products to condense the product menu and deliver a better user experience. Learn more

Upgrade your application

With the conclusion of our free beta period, you can now add a payment method to continue using the software after your free trial.

Bug fixes

Miscellaneous bug fixes and usability improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance.

February 1, 2021

Maintenance update

This update includes a variety of general fixes to improve overall usability and reliability.

Bug fixes
  • File download block title and description were not updating immediately
  • Keap connector was not correctly syncing basic user data (name and email)
  • User site pages were not were not loading correctly until during encoding of on-page videos
  • Button links were not working for users when linking to a product or external URL
  • Buttons were not displaying correct style in builder
  • Adding new pages to a product was causing page order to get mixed up in some cases

December 21, 2020

Free beta

This update marks the beginning of the free beta period for the new platform, CustomerHub Next.

Customizable site navigation
new feature

Increase user engagement by presenting a custom site navigation tailored to each individual user. Learn more

Get started

Get started with CustomerHub easier than ever with our fresh new get started page design. Learn more

Page builder enhancements

Implemented a variety of usability improvements to make the page builder more intuitive and performant. Learn more

Bug fixes

Miscellaneous bug fixes and usability improvements to improve overall application stability, security, and performance.

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