Time to Tackle the Technology Fears Preventing the Launch of Your Membership Site or Online Course

Updated: Aug 26

I’m going to preface this blog post by saying...not all of you need to read it.

Because some of you have a natural talent for using technology.

Others...not so much.

If you’re in the “not so much” category, then this blog post was written specifically for you. Because technology is (and likely has been) one of the biggest holds up in growing your business. It might even prevent the launch of your membership site or online course.

You’ve undoubtedly got plenty of content to get your course created. You could be making a significant profit by selling knowledge products. Instead, you’re spending all of your time trying to get your systems to work.

I get it.

Well, not personally. I’ve worked with various technologies for years. But one member of the CustomerHub team is terrified of tech. She struggles to navigate new programs and software. And she’ll do almost anything to prevent us from seeing how challenging technology is for her.

She’s the one who insisted I write a blog post just for you. If technology is getting in your way, this is a blog post for you.

CustomerHub Terms You Need to Know

Because you’re on our site, we’re going to start with the terminology we use most. Scattered throughout our website, in our blog posts, and in most of our collateral, we’ve used terms and phrases that might need a definition.

So let’s start there.

No Setup/Installation. Because you’re a small business, you probably have a website. If you created that website yourself, then you know all the headaches of getting that set up.


  • Finding (and paying for) hosting

  • Buying a domain and getting that domain connected to your host

  • Installing a Content Management System (like Wordpress)

  • Implementing a system to

  • Stream your multimedia content

Then there’s the question of plug-ins (page builders, membership management, shopping cart, forms, etc.).

So why does CustomerHub tout “no setup/installation”?


  • We host your membership site

  • We include a domain name for you

  • We provide an easy-to-use page builder

  • You get unlimited hosting and streaming of all of your multimedia

Basically, everything comes built in. Natively built in. Designed to work perfectly together and never requiring you to install or implement a single piece of technology.

No Maintenance. With several membership platforms, there are multiple systems that must be combined in order to work. As you combine these systems together, the security risks increase. Some systems may not be compliant with each other. (More about this in a minute.) And instead of managing one system, you have to make sure multiple systems are running smoothly. It’s a lot to manage.

With CustomerHub, it’s all one system. And we take care of the ongoing maintenance so you never wake up wondering if your platform is functioning. We’re taking care of everything on our end.

Best-in-class Infusionsoft Integration. Effective membership sites need to be integrated with your customer database so you can easily keep your key systems in sync. And a lot of platforms integrate with Keap/Infusionsoft. Which is the system you’re using, right?

But CustomerHub was built specifically for Keap/Infusionsoft customers. Making it super easy to set up and use. There’s fewer steps required to automate your processes. And it’s a lot less technical. (Heard of Wordpress short codes? Don’t worry about it. We don’t have any of those.)

Now, we could add a few more terms. But I won’t dig into all of the specifics here. If you want to read about our features, we have a features page. Otherwise, we’ll just mention that CustomerHub is a better platform for Keap/Infusionsoft users. It’s significantly easier, requires a lot less of your time, and is much more affordable when all is said and done.

The Tech Failure Reality

There’s a reason you might fear technology. You don’t want to “break” anything. Maybe bad things have happened in the past.

But the reality is...your technology is likely to break with or without your help.

When you connect multiple systems together, when you add a bunch of plug-ins, your technology is going to fail on occasion. An update in one system might not work correctly with another. And then you have to figure out which system is causing the issue.

To find the problem, you may have to disable different systems. You work through trial and error to isolate the problem. That could take hours. Or hundreds of dollars getting a tech team to figure it out.

In the meantime, you’re shut down. Your members can’t access their content and you look unprofessional.

If you’re like my colleague (who I mentioned at the beginning), the first error notification you get will be enough to make you rethink your knowledge business.

But we’ve got good news…

Not all Knowledge Platforms are prone to breaking. Software can never be 100% perfect. But because CustomerHub is an all-in-one Knowledge Platform, we have a stable, solid product you can count on.

The Real Cost of Being ‘Low Tech’

Earlier this year, we were contacted by a business owner who was beyond frustrated. While he had some tech skills, he had hired a team to create his membership site in a Wordpress platform.

After several months, and over $20,000, his “team” was still unable to make his site work. That’s when he contacted us.

Over a few days, this man got his membership site created in CustomerHub and launched...all by himself.

There is nothing wrong with being less technical. You are a content expert. Which is awesome. But business owners with few technical skills are going to pay the price.

In the form of time. (How many hours a week do you spend fighting your technology?) Or, in terms of paying someone else to do the work.

Let’s say your system breaks. You call your tech person for a “quick fix”. It takes her an hour to find and fix the error. How much is she going to charge you for that hour? (Here’s a hint...the going rate for such service is $150/hour.)

Starting and/or growing businesses is already expensive. The best thing you can do for yourself is find systems that work for you. Something that you can manage on your own.

You may think that you need a more complex system to deliver an incredible learning experience for your customers, but the truth is you can benefit from all of the best practices built into our system and not have to ‘custom design’ your customer experience. Plus, your customers want your knowledge, not your tech skills. And if you never get anything launched, well, they’re not benefitting at all.

What We Do To Help Our New Users

We understand that you started your business to sell your knowledge. Not because you love spending hours in front of your computer trying to make things work.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When we sign you up for a free trial of CustomerHub, we always extend a special offer. That offer includes setup help from one of our team members. Because we don’t want you overwhelmed. Or afraid.

If you accept our help, your CustomerHub expert will help you connect your CustomerHub account to your KEAP/Infusionsoft App, show you how to upload your content, and demonstrate how to set up your site pages.

And the best part is...this hour of expert help is free.

Most of the time, our new members don’t need help. They get in, they figure it out. CustomerHub is just that easy to use. But we are here if you need us.

And that leaves only one thing left. It’s time to sign up for your free 30-day trial of CustomerHub.

Don’t let technology get in the way of offering something you know better than most of the people on the planet. You deserve to be successful. You just need the right technology to help you get there.

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