Supercharge Your Customer Experience With Private, Bi-directional File Sharing

Updated: Mar 26

Earlier this week we put the finishing touches on our new customer file sharing capability.

CustomerHub now makes one-to-one, bi-directional file sharing with customers/members easier than ever.

So if you need to share a private individual file with a customer you can simply navigate to their member record in CustomerHub, upload the file, and click the 'notify' button to send a quick and easy email notification. Better yet, when the customer receives the email they can simply click the document link to automatically log in and go straight to their filebox.

And that's not all. (drumroll)

We've also made it possible for your customers to upload and share files with you! So it goes both ways (that's the 'bi-directional' bit).

To unlock the full range of possibilities, we've also added automatic notification options (both you and the customer can be automatically notified when a new file is shared) and a fancy new API campaign goal trigger that you can use with Keap or Infusionsoft to automate stuff on the backend when a new file has been shared.

Here are a few different applications for this new hotness:

  • Easily share personal files with your individual coaching clients

  • Automate a document submission process with customers

  • Share personalized photos, videos, and other multimedia with customers

  • Capture offline tests, quizzes, or assessments from students in your online course

  • Capture surveys, critiques, and other modes of feedback from customers

  • And much more

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. I'm confident your mind is probably already buzzing with other ideas specific to your business.

The bottom line here is more time savings and better organization for you, and more convenience and better service for your customers.

No more hassling with all of the back and forth emails to customers to share files. No more wresting with Dropbox (or similar) permissions or trying to organize client files in a system that wasn't designed for it. Last of all, no more worrying about your customers forwarding documents that you've emailed them to all of their friends and associates.

CustomerHub makes it easy to share files with customers and keeps a record of all of the files that you have shared with them (or that they've shared with you) right on their member record in CustomerHub. CustomerHub streamlines the whole process and keeps the information secure at the same time.

Boom! Here's to more automation, simplicity, and success in your business with bi-directional file sharing in CustomerHub. We hope that you enjoy it.

Click here to get started with your free 30-day trial of CustomerHub today.

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