Five CustomerHub Myths; Fact or Fiction?

Updated: Mar 26

If you're a content publisher or owner of a membership business then you may have heard of CustomerHub, a popular membership platform for #Infusionsoft by #Keap users that I co-founded in 2008, sold to Infusionsoft in 2011, and ironically purchased back from Infusionsoft in late 2018 (that story could be a blog post all on its own but I'll spare you the details for now).

It's also entirely possible, especially given what Infusionsoft wasn't doing with the platform in recent years, that you may have heard some popular and not-so-accurate myths about CustomerHub that have gone largely unchecked. However, now that we the original owners are back in the captain's seat, it's time to shine a bright light on everything you thought you knew...

Without further ado, I present to you: Five CustomerHub Myths; Fact or Fiction? Prepare yourself to be properly educated on CustomerHub and I hope you enjoy!

Myth #1 - CustomerHub is no longer being actively improved.

Fact or Fiction? This was a fact until we purchased CustomerHub back from Infusionsoft in late 2018, but is now 100% fiction.

On the contrary, we are investing heavily in CustomerHub and have already made many significant product improvements (including mobile compatibility and much more). We also have big and exciting vision for the future of the product, including lots cool stuff coming to a CustomerHub app near you all throughout 2019 and beyond.

Myth #2 - CustomerHub doesn't offer flexible design options.

Fact or Fiction? This is a common and handy argument that competitors have used in the past, however it is most certainly fiction.

Not only does CustomerHub provide a library of beautiful, mobile-ready, and customizable theme designs out of the box, but it also offers full CSS code access and the ability to install custom javascript.

Given this combination, everyday entrepreneurs can easily create gorgeous and functional membership sites without needing a web developer or designer. Additionally, for advanced customization needs, your designer or one of our CustomerHub Ninja Partners can get into the code and go crazy. The truth is there's not much you CAN'T do with CustomerHub from a design perspective.

Myth #3 - CustomerHub is not mobile friendly.

Fact or Fiction? You guessed it, another myth that's fiction. This is still a very common believe given that CustomerHub users have been asking for mobile compatibility for many years while the product was under Infusionsoft's ownership.

After we purchased CustomerHub in late 2018, we made this our top product priority and made good on this commitment with our March 2019 product update, which added full mobile support for all CustomerHub content along with five new mobile-responsive themes. Boom.

Myth #4 - CustomerHub doesn't allow you to host your own membership site.

Fact or Fiction? This one is currently a fact, however it bears noting the reason why; because this makes it fast and easy for YOU.

Once you sign up for CustomerHub, your membership site is created immediately and automatically. You don't have to do anything extra, and all of the maintenance and upgrades are done for you in the future. This is a stark difference when comparing CustomerHub with WordPress-based membership solutions (i.e. #Memberium, #AccessAlly, #iMember360, etc), which require you to jump through various technical hoops to get the software running (installation, etc), pay extra hosting fees, and hassle with ongoing compatibility, upgrades, plugin issues, and so forth.

On this note, I'm also happy inform you we'll be launching a custom domain feature in the very near future which will allow CustomerHub owners to customize the membership site URL so it appears to be hosted on their own domain. Stay tuned for more about this soon.

Myth #5 - CustomerHub is only good for beginners.

Fact or Fiction? Definitely fiction. While it's true that CustomerHub is easy enough for membership noobs, we also have many advanced and notable content publishers and marketers using CustomerHub including Frank Kern, Jermaine Griggs, Maritza Parra, Alajendra Costello, and many others.

However, if you are a beginner we recommend that you get started with CustomerHub via our 14-day free trial to get your membership site up quickly in order to validate your membership model with minimal risk/time/cost involved. Then, after you've proven that the model works you can grow and scale almost infinitely with the platform (we have many apps with well over 100k members). CustomerHub is also much faster with heavy volume than WordPress-based solutions because we aren't required to build on top of a clunky and aging foundation.

Closing Statement

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, CustomerHub doesn't suck. It's actually really awesome. And it's about to get even more awesome. So jump on board now while the gettin's good (compare the great value to competitors here)!

You can try it for free to validate your membership concept or launch a new membership site in lightning speed and without any of the hassles and headaches you'll get elsewhere. Cancel at any time if you don't love it. It's that simple. Hope to see you soon!

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