6 Common Membership Site Mistakes

Updated: Jun 11

It can be a challenge knowing how to get your membership site just right and you’re going to make mistakes along the way. We’ve discovered some common mistakes that are easy to avoid.

  1. Biting off more than you can chew at launch The most common mistake I see from new membership site owners by far is trying to do too much with their first membership site. This varies from attempting to launch with more content than is necessary to a desire to have a ‘feature rich’ membership site from day one. As a general rule of thumb, I always tell people that if you can’t launch your first membership site in 30 days or less then you’re trying to do too much in your initial attempt. I know that might seem crazy, but there is a lot of wisdom and science behind that approach. If you’re an aspiring or new membership site owner I strongly recommend you consult Nearly Instant Profits, our step-by-step guide that covers all of these details and will save you massive time and money in the process of launching your first membership site, before you start implementing.

  2. Not tracking where your new customers are coming from It’s exciting to start a membership site and you’ll certainly want to get as many members as possible as fast as possible once you’re ready to start promoting it to the world. This means you get your membership site in front of as many people as possible by whatever means possible. However, if you aren’t tracking where your customers are coming from, you’ll have a hard time knowing what is working or not working and how to effectively focus your acquisition efforts in the future. Take the time to set up proper tracking, using google analytics, utm parameters or other tools that will help you know where your customers are coming from.

  3. Offering the wrong price point The price point of your membership site is important and should accurately reflect the value that it creates for your customers. Don’t be afraid of offering a higher price point because you are concerned about not attracting enough members. I recommend erring on the side of overpricing as it’s preferable to serve the right customers at a price point that results in a higher commitment from them and also creates more space for you to effectively serve them. Furthermore, it’s always easier to reduce the price vs raising the price in the future.

  4. Prioritizing new customers over existing customers Membership businesses are built on recurring revenue and require a different mindset in that it’s at least equally important to continuously add value to your existing members than it is to add new members. It is easy to get focused on bringing new members in and neglect your existing members. Figuring out how to keep members engaged and happy will be more valuable in the long run because once you’ve solved that formula, each new member you bring in will stay longer and your business model automatically becomes much more profitable and scalable.

  5. Focusing on quantity of content vs quality of content It’s a common mistake to think that your members just want more content. Instead, focus on what your members need to accomplish the objectives that had them join in the first place and then create content that serves just those needs. It’s that simple. Avoid overcomplicating your membership with too much stuff.

  6. Hiding behind the content Once your membership site is set up, it is easy to hide behind the content. However, building a personal relationship with members can be one of the most powerful engagement and retention strategies. Whether it’s through webinar trainings, forum interactions, or some other kind of face-to-face interaction, don’t be afraid to spend time getting in front of your members (and remember that it’s vital to show up as your authentic self).

One of the biggest mistakes not listed above is procrastinating or not acting on your membership site idea or dream because you don’t have all the answers. If you take a small leap of faith the answers will show up when you need them. And the great news is you don’t even have to spend money to get started..

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