5 Simple Tactics To Grow Your Membership Site

Updated: May 9

When you launch your membership site, you typically start by promoting it to your current list because they are the most likely to join and give you honest feedback. Once your initial membership is established you'll want to start adding members that are outside of your list.

Here are 5 ways to promote your membership site outside of your current list:

1. Use customer testimonials - Your initial members are one of the best sources for feedback AND member testimonials. Using your current members testimonials to help you get more members is a critical part of growing your membership. Build a page on your site that has as many member testimonials as possible.

2. Promote your membership site on Facebook - Between Facebook ads and Groups, there are a lot of ways to promote your site on Facebook. The quickest way to get started and most scaleable is Facebook ads. Because of the amount of people on Facebook, the cost per click is really inexpensive, which means you can buy a lot of traffic for a small amount of money. This amount of traffic will help you quickly discover what advertising strategies will work.

3. Generate organic traffic - On the opposite side of the coin from Facebook ads, building organic traffic can be a slower but rewarding process. By using tools like Google keyword planner you can target keywords that you know are already being searched and remove the risk of spending time and money on low volume keywords. By getting organic traffic started early, you'll build a traffic foundation that will pay off in the long run.

4. Use your target market's social media platform - Spend time discovering what social media platform your target market is using and capitalize on the traffic that is there. For example, there is a massive amount of traffic on Pinterest but only a specific type of traffic. Instagram is the same way. Discover where your audience is and start capturing some of that traffic.

5. Create a YouTube channel - The second most popular website on the internet is YouTube. By setting up a YouTube channel you'll open yourself up to an incredible amount of traffic. Like Google, YouTube success is keyword based, so make sure you do your research and target those keywords that are going to create the most searches and views.

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