Take Your Business Online; 4 Ways to Succeed in Times of Instability

Updated: May 8

Nearly everyone has been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. With new measures like social distancing and quarantining being deployed to help flatten the curve, one thing is certain: businesses with a strong digital presence will fare significantly better than those without one.

Take the movie industry for example: businesses like Netflix and Amazon Prime are doing just fine. However, movie theaters and businesses that rely on a physical presence in order to generate revenue are scrambling to solve for a potentially huge downfall.

Here are 4 ways to take your business online in order to increase stability and protect revenues in times like these:

1. Get your customer account portal setup. Make it easy for customers to manage their accounts online by setting up a customer portal that your customers can access from home. That way they can take care of their basic needs like making payments, updating billing information, accessing shared files, and more , and do it more conveniently and regardless of any physical limitations or restrictions they may be experiencing.

2. Move your employee resources to an online employee portal. It’s likely that your business has suddenly adopted a new work from home policy which means that all of your training materials, forms, files, and other important employee resources need to be accessible to your remotely working team. By having an employee portal setup and running you can ensure your employees remain productive and reduce the impact of the changing work environment.

3. Start building recurring revenue with a membership site. To mitigate the impact of revenue loss resulting from limited in-person interactions, you can build a membership business that keeps running online regardless of the circumstances and that scales well beyond any physical barriers that may be present.

4. Utilize video conferencing tools. As important as in-person interaction can be, you can save significant time and money and even increase productivity by using video conferencing technology. Whether it is for a 1:1 meeting with an employee, a team meeting, or a customer seminar, it can usually be done more conveniently and at a fraction of the cost via video conference.

Eventually the current environment escalated by COVID-19 will pass, but you can never predict when something similar will come up again in the future. Prepare for the next unforeseen challenge and accelerate your growth and success in the process by taking your business online today

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