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The hassle-free membership site platform for Infusionsoft users.

Start your free trial and publish your site today.

Built exclusively for users of:

Make money.

Charge subscribers a monthly fee to access paid content.

Add value.

Gain a competitive advantage by offering bonus content to paying customers.

Save time.

Automate content delivery, permissions, account updates, and collections.

See CustomerHub in action.


All the tools you need.

Everything you need to deliver, automate, and monetize your content. All in one place.

Easy Membership Site Creation

  • Automate the end-to-end process

  • Customize to match your brand

  • Offer free trials & upsells

Powerful Content Management

  • Create and personalize pages

  • Upload and manage video, audio, and files

  • Password protect what you want

Automatic Content Delivery

  • Deliver content on time-based schedule

  • Show teasers for upcoming content

  • Vary content by membership level

Done-for-you Hosting & Security

  • Hassle-free membership site hosting

  • Unlimited content storage & streaming

  • Military-grade security & encryption

Seamless Infusionsoft Integration

  • Campaign builder integration

  • Register and manage users from IS

  • Manage permissions and billing from IS

Customer Account Portal

  • Improve cash flow via account portal

  • Collect failed payments and expired cards

  • Let customers manage billing preferences

Geoff Affleck

"CustomerHub ensures each of our 6,000 members only see what they paid for. CustomerHub is pivotal in every aspect of our content delivery and customer service."

Doug Masi

"CustomerHub is dynamic and easy to use. It helps us manage everything from sharing student grades and school announcements to ordering school lunches."

Jennifer Hough

"CustomerHub gives us a professional membership site without all the technical hassles. It's saves us significant time and is easy enough for non-techies. We love CustomerHub!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CustomerHub?

CustomerHub is simple-to-use cloud-based software that lets you quickly and easily build a password-protected membership site where you can upload and share valuable multimedia content with thousands of subscribers at once.

How can I use CustomerHub in my business?

There are many different ways people use CustomerHub in their business:

  • Create a subscriber site that generates recurring revenue

  • Add value to offerings by providing free access to educate and boost retention

  • Use customer portal features to streamline collections, billing and customer service

  • Build a lead generation portal to capture and nurture leads

What types of companies use CustomerHub?

CustomerHub is perfect for a variety of business types, including information marketers, subject matter experts, training companies and subscription-based companies. If you have content to share, CustomerHub can help you do it—quickly and easily.

How much does CustomerHub cost? Am I required to buy services?

CustomerHub is a subscription-based product that costs $79/month and includes unlimited storage for media files. The services packages—ranging from simple setup assistance to design and strategy—are completely optional.

How do I integrate CustomerHub with my Infusionsoft account?

All you have to do is enter your Infusionsoft API key, Infusionsoft ID and merchant ID number on the setup screen and CustomerHub will do the rest.

Can I customize my membership site to match my website?

Yes. Using easy design tools, CustomerHub allows you to customize your membership site to match your brand. Options include:

  • Site colors, company logo and page header

  • Several modern design themes, and menu styles

  • The order that page tabs and subpage links are displayed

Can I protect content so that it's only accessible to subscribers?

Yes. Your secure, password-protected CustomerHub website helps you protect your content from the public. You control the amount and type of content that subscribers see based on their subscription level, past purchases, interests and behaviors. You can also create content teasers to show members what kind of additional content they could access with an upgraded subscription.

Can I drip content to subscribers over time?

Yes. Together, Infusionsoft and CustomerHub make it easy to automate the delivery of content to subscribers on a time-based or a self-paced schedule. CustomerHub manages the content pages, and Infusionsoft manages subscriber permissions and the content delivery schedule.

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