About Us


Kyle Leavitt

Chief Visionary & Co-founder

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Kyle is an entrepreneur, product visionary, and small business consultant with over 15 years experience in the Infusionsoft / Keap ecosystem.

Nathan Leavitt

Matrix Overlord & Co-founder

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Nathan is an entrepreneur and full-stack software engineer with over 15 years experience building Infusionsoft / Keap software solutions.

The play-by-play

The Leavitt brothers were early employees at Infusionsoft / Keap starting in 2005. After helping lead the company to over 900% growth over a three year period, they left the business together in 2008 to create CustomerHub. CustomerHub quickly became the fastest-growing Infusionsoft integration and was subsequently acquired by Infusionsoft in late 2011, bringing Kyle and Nathan back to the company.

After a second, six-year run at Infusionsoft / Keap including senior leadership roles and helping the company surpass $100M in annual revenues, Kyle and Nate left again in late 2017 to start LoyalStream, a SaaS product that helps small online subscription businesses effectively manage growth and retention.

LoyalStream acquired CustomerHub from Infusionsoft / Keap in late 2018, bringing the software back into the hands of its original founders. Kyle and Nathan remain passionate about CustomerHub and are investing heavily to re-establish CustomerHub as a leading membership site platform for growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

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