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The Passion Test

"CustomerHub ensures each of our 6,000 members only sees what they paid for. CustomerHub is pivotal in every aspect of our content delivery and customer service."

Geoff Affleck
Director of Online Marketing

Turning passions into profits.

Geoff and the Enlightened Alliances team are dedicated to helping people discover, live and monetize their passions.

They use CustomerHub to deliver personalized coaching to their paid subscribers. By automating their content delivery, they've saved hundreds of hours of manual labor and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

VICO Systems

"CustomerHub is dynamic and easy to use. It helps us manage everything from sharing student grades and school announcements to ordering school lunches."

Doug Masi
Senior Partner

Adding value, subtracting hassle.

VICO Systems helps teachers, students and parents stay in the know. They turn to CustomerHub to provide password-protected access to important school information like bus schedules, student grades, school calendars and fundraising events.

School administrators enjoy the centralized communication platform and parents appreciate the convenience of accessing all of the important information they need in a single online portal.

The Art of Service

"What I like about CustomerHub is that it offers our clients an intuitive way to access their content. The seamless integration with Infusionsoft makes it completely 'hands-off'."

Ivanka Menken

Saving time in multiple time zones.

CustomerHub helps The Art of Service provide affordable e-learning courses to busy IT professionals. Enrolled students can log in when it's convenient to access training materials that help them stay current in their field.

Because CustomerHub automates many of their manual processes, The Art of Service, based in Australia, can deliver top class service to clients in 150 different countries without adding extra staff or hours.

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